Leaders of the global sugar trade market since 1979.

We assist you with the entire process from buying and importing through to logistics, customs and commercial completion.
Our long-term relationships guarantee us access to premium quality white, brown and other sugars.

About Uniservices

Founded back in 1979 by Mr. Yiannis Hadjizenonos, Uniservices takes great pride in its long-term relationships with both buyers and suppliers across the globe – a true testament to the value we add to the global sugar market.

As a family-owned business with an impeccable track record, we place great value on personalization – each client is special to us, and based on their unique needs and circumstances, we tailor-make the trading process and match them with the best possible supplying source.

White Sugar

Our long-term relationships guarantee us access to premium quality white sugar, derived from cane or beet.

We can obtain any kind of sugar depending on the client needs, and we purchase it directly from reliable and well-established sources in the EU and world markets.

Brown Sugar

We work with a number of reliable and carefully vetted manufacturers of brown sugar, offering our customers premium quality product at a variety of prices, to best match their business needs.

We can provide any type of brown sugar, including Demerara, raw sugar for direct consumption, and more.

More Sugar

In addition to the white and brown sugar, we can also supply:

  • Liquid sugar
  • Invert sugar
  • Glucose
  • Molasses


We know how important IPR sugar is for your products’ competitiveness, but we also know how time-consuming it is to deal with the relevant logistics and administrative procedures.

As pioneers in IPR sugar in Cyprus and Greece, we can provide personalized assistance to clients throughout the IPR cycle, from the buying and importing processes through to the logistics, administration, customs and commercial completion stages.

Our experienced team is alert and monitors any established quotas and licenses for importing sugar into the EU market, and ensures that the whole process is efficient and stress-free.


Our products are mostly transported in 20ft sea containers. Uniservices works with:

  • 50kg polypropylene bags
  • 25kg paper bags
  • 1 kg paper bags

Why Uniservices

At Uniservices, we are committed to building strong and reliable partnerships, rather than simply doing business.

Through our extensive pool of suppliers, we can provide any type of sugar for any client at competitive prices, without having to compromise on product or service quality.

Our efficient size and structure enables us to adapt our approach to each client, enabling them to enjoy the attention they deserve.

Uniservices is committed to the highest standards of service and quality and conducts business with the highest level of integrity.


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E-mail: [email protected]